How to efficiently get an ordered Heirarchical List from a large table (12k records) with a column that references the primary key column

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I'm struggling with a optimizing a SQL query and am looking for help. TSQL SQL Server 2008.

I have a set of Agents that have columns Id and ManagerId. A manager is just an agent, so ManagerId is like a foreign key back to the same table. I'm writing a query to bring back the agents in an ordered list based on a managerial heirarchy.

Given the set

Id  Name    ManagerId
1   Charlie 4
2   Alpha   NULL
3   Echo    5
4   Bravo   2
5   Delta   1
6   Foxtrot 3
7   Golf    6
8   Hotel   7
9   Juliet  8
10  India   8

I want to return the values in this order:

Id  Name    ManagerId
2   Alpha   NULL
4   Bravo   2
1   Charlie 4
5   Delta   1
3   Echo    5
6   Foxtrot 3
7   Golf    6
8   Hotel   7
9   Juliet  8
10  India   8

The strategy I am using now works great for 10 values. The real set I will use it on is about 12,000. When I use the below query on a test set of 10,000, it takes forever ~ 20 minutes on my laptop. I'm using a loop with sub-queries so I know there must be a better way.

CREATE TABLE #heirarchy (rowNumber INT, agentId INT);
CREATE TABLE #finishedManagers (id INT);

DECLARE @index INT = 1;
DECLARE @count INT = (SELECT COUNT(Id) FROM agents);

WHILE (@index <= @count)

    SET @thisId = ( 
        SELECT TOP 1
            agents a
            a.Id NOT IN (SELECT * FROM #finishedManagers)
            (a.ManagerId IS NULL OR a.ManagerId IN (SELECT agentId FROM #heirarchy))

    INSERT INTO #heirarchy (rowNumber, agentId)

    SET @index = @index + 1;

    INSERT INTO #finishedManagers(id)

    #heirarchy h
    agents a ON h.agentId = a.Id

DROP TABLE #heirarchy;
DROP TABLE #finishedManagers;

How would you go about this?

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First off, always try to avoid loops when possible.

The following is an example of using a Recursive CTE in concert with the HIERARCHY data type.

Recursive CTEs are great, and well worth your time to get comfortable with them. However, the performance can suffer a bit with larger/deeper hierarchies.

There are other techniques using TEMP tables which are more performant, but a little more involved.


Declare @Top   int  = null  --<<  Sets top of Hier Just for FUN Try 3

;with cteP as (
      Select ID
            ,HierID = convert(hierarchyid,'/'+convert(varchar(25),ID)+'/')
      From   YourTable 
      Where  IsNull(@Top,-1) = case when @Top is null then isnull(ManagerID ,-1) else ID end
      Union  All
      Select ID  = r.ID
            ,ManagerID  = r.ManagerID 
            ,Name   = r.Name
            ,HierID = convert(hierarchyid,p.HierID.ToString()+convert(varchar(25),r.ID)+'/')
      From   YourTable r
      Join   cteP p on r.ManagerID  = p.ID)
Select Lvl   = HierID.GetLevel()
 From cteP A
 Order By A.HierID


Lvl ID  Name    ManagerID
1   2   Alpha   NULL
2   4   Bravo   2
3   1   Charlie 4
4   5   Delta   1
5   3   Echo    5
6   6   Foxtrot 3
7   7   Golf    6
8   8   Hotel   7
9   9   Juliet  8
9   10  India   8

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