How to display objects within an array if they have a certain value?

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I am plotting cities on a map based on their object values.

I need to be able to have these plots hide or show based on their values.

So far, I have the following, which will toggle all cities on or off, as well as a function to log the cities if their values are <= 30.

var mapData = {
    'cities': [{"name":"??????", "latitude":55.752, "longitude":37.615, "value":"10", "color": am4core.color("#ff0000")},
    {"name":"?????? ??????", "latitude":60.0016, "longitude":32.2926, "value":"20", "color":chart.colors.getIndex(1)},
    {"name":"??????? ????????", "latitude":58.33, "longitude":31.16, "value":"30", "color":chart.colors.getIndex(1)},
    {"name":"?????????", "latitude":60.02, "longitude":37.46, "value":"40", "color":chart.colors.getIndex(2)},
    {"name":"???????", "latitude":57.7082, "longitude":27.8609, "value":"50", "color":chart.colors.getIndex(3)}

var imageSeries = chart.series.push(new am4maps.MapImageSeries()); = mapData.cities;
    imageSeries.dataFields.value = "value";

var imageTemplate = imageSeries.mapImages.template;
    imageTemplate.propertyFields.latitude = "latitude";
    imageTemplate.propertyFields.longitude = "longitude";
    imageTemplate.nonScaling = true

var circle = imageTemplate.createChild(am4core.Circle);
    circle.fillOpacity = 0.7;
    circle.propertyFields.fill = "color";
    circle.tooltipText = "{name}: [bold]{value}[/]";

    "target": circle,
    "property": "radius",
    "min": 4,
    "max": 4,
    "dataField": "value"

function toggleCities() {
    var series = imageSeries;
        if (series.isHiding || series.isHidden) {;
    else {

I'm not sure what I need to change in order to specify that only cities with a value of <= 30 should be plotted.

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Array.prototype.filter will be what you are after:

const filteredData = mapData.cities.filter(d => parseInt(d.value) <= 30);

filter returns an array of elements in the initial array that return true from the function passed to filter().

In your example, I think in function toggleCities() you will want to: = filteredData;

when you want the <= 30 to apply, and then = mapData.cities;

when you don't

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This question has already been answered on SO, please visit this post from 2010: How to filter object array based on attributes?

Also, for future posts please be more generic in your question. SO's purpose is not to address your specific business problem but rather to answer general programming/language questions. I'm down voting your post for these reasons.

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