How to copy data from one dataframe to another without altering column and rownames in pandas

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I have the below table

  A B C
D 1 2 3
E 4 5 6
F 6 7 8

After fit_transform(), and converting back to dataframe, I get the below table

 0   1   2
0 v1  v2 v3
1 v4  v5 v5
2 v6  v7 v8

v1-v8 some normalised values.

But I want to retain my column and row names while doing fit_transform/after converting to dataframes. I'm not getting how to do that. Please help.

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Give the columns and index from your initial dataframe to the dataframe constructor when you convert back

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Try assigning column and index of the original df to the new one by:

out_df.columns = df.columns
out_df.index = df.index

df is the original dataframe; out_df is the dataframe after fit_transform()

Note : This will work if the cell order of the dataframe i.e. rows and column are in the same order as that of original df

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