How to change the default python path for a workspace (not a folder) in VSCode

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I'm working with VSCode and i am selecting Terminal > New Terminal to start a new terminal session. The problem is, no matter which file is currently selected or which folder I'm currently working out of, the default terminal keeps starting with the a specific virtual Environment for one of the folders in my workspace. How can i change this?new integrated terminal session

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You will need to change the interpreter. At the bottom left where the editor says which Python interpreter has been selected ('Python*'), you can click on that and you will be provided with list of interpreters to select from. Alternatively, in windows press ctrl+shift+P and type 'select interpreter' and then select 'Python: Select Interpreter' option.

If you don't see the desired interpreter in the list, you can try adding it to the workspace settings (again ctrl+shift+P and type workspace settings). Under workspace settings search for 'python.pythonpath'. You should see an option to update the path to whichever interpreter you want to.

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