How to calculate how many weeks

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I am on SQL Server and I have a table containing values like this:

Date        |  Key
2017-06-01  |  X
2017-06-15  |  Y
2017-06-01  |  X
2017-06-05  |  X
2017-05-23  |  Z
2017-06-05  |  Z
2017-04-10  |  Z
2017-04-10  |  Y

and what I need returned by the query is the number of weeks contained by each key with the starting date being: 2017-03-27

So given our earlier example, the expected output would be:

X  |  2
Y  |  2
Z  |  3

This is because even though 01/06 and 05/06 (the two dates contained by X) are only 5 days apart they are on two different weeks (weeks being Monday to Sunday) when counting from 27/03. The number of entries related to a specific key doesn't matter, only the number of weeks dates related to that key fit into.

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Weeks according to who? ISO's Monday to Sunday, or US' Sunday to Saturday etc.

Sorry, weeks are monday to sunday.

Is the week (Mon to Sunday) fixed or can change?

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You can count the days after 2017-03-27 and divide by 7:

select t.*, ( datediff(day, '2017-03-27', date) / 7 ) as num_weeks
from t;

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I think this should work:

FROM yourTable

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Another approach would be to skip the test in case of an emergency release.

For that, follow "Skipping Tests in GitLab CI" from Andi Scharfstein, and:

  • add "skip test" in the commit message triggering that emergency release
  • check a variable on the test stage

That is:

.test-template: &test-template
  stage: tests
    - $CI_COMMIT_MESSAGE =~ /\[skip[ _-]tests?\]/i

As you can see above, we also included the variable $SKIP_TESTS in the except block of the template.
This is helpful when triggering pipelines manually from GitLab’s web interface.
Here’s an example:

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