How to blacklist/whitelist process while running application (C#)

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I am programming video player with C# and WPF. And try to do 2 things 1. Blacklist screen recording program => Don't allow users to open any Blacklist process while running my video player application. 2. Whitelist => Only allow some processes that can open while running my video player application. ex. mspaint, notepad, calculator, etc.

Sorry for my poor English but please help! Thank you in advance.

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You can't. Your program does not have the right to do that. Even if you elevate privileges to do so, there are about a thousand ways around your "security". You could however try to create a HdcpSession which is an OS level concept to prevent copying of your video...

I saw one application can do it. It close itself when detect blacklist process open while running application.

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You can shut down your application based off your blacklist / whitelist rules:

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Programmatically shut down a WPF application:

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