How do I know if object passed as r-value will get moved?

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I'm passing a lambda to a function which accepts it as a r-value reference.

If my lambda is defined in the function-call itself, I don't really care what happens to it later.
But if my lambda is a variable (say I want to use it more than once) I do want to know that it is not moved-from.

Is there a way to know will it be moved-from or not, making it unusable or usable accordingly after the call has returned?

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Does the lambda capture some variables that have different move semantics compared to their copy semantics?

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Well, if the function accept a universal reference and you want to forbid moving, there are many options for you to choose from, among others:

  1. Pass by constant reference (C++17 has std::as_const() to simplify that).
  2. Save it as a local and don't convert to rvalue-reference. Seems you do that.
  3. Use something to explicitly convert an rvalue-reference to an lvalue-reference.

Of course, if none of the variables captured by value by the lambda have different move-semantics than copy-semantics, the point is moot.

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