How do I know if my message has been read?

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I use:
- C#;
- winform;
- Library - mailkit;

I'm trying to write an application that can implement "Scenario_1".


  1. "User_1" sends "message_1";
  2. "User_2" receives "message_1";
  3. "User_2" opens "message_1";
  4. "User_1" receives a message stating that "User_2" has opened "message_1".

1. How to make "User_1" know that "User_2" opened the message?
In this case, "User_2" should not press any buttons in the letter (for example, if you place the "Confirm read" button in the letter)?
2. If the question "1" is not possible to do, then what other ways can the scenario be implemented? Make a button in the letter? How to make a button in a letter so that it sends the status that the letter is open?
3. What are the other ways to do "Scenario_1"?

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That message, is that a plain email?

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Mail clients block pretty much all of these kinds of attempts. The best idea is to give them an image that they would want to see if they read the message, and therefore they choose to display images in their mail client.

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