How do I find: Is the first !NaN value in each column the maximum for that column in a DataFrame?

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For example:

      0     1
0  87.0   NaN
1   NaN  99.0
2   NaN   NaN
3   NaN   NaN
4   NaN  66.0
5   NaN   NaN
6   NaN  77.0
7   NaN   NaN
8   NaN   NaN
9  88.0   NaN

My expected output is: [False, True] since 87 is the first !NaN value but not the maximum in column 0. 99 however is the first !NaN value and is indeed the max in that column.

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Just do groupby with first

       0     1
1  False  True

Or using bfill(Fill any NaN value by the backward value in the column , then the first row after bfill is the first not NaN value )

0    False
1     True
dtype: bool

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After posting the question I came up with this:

def foo(sr):
    sr = sr # type:pd.Series
    return sr[sr > 0][0] == np.max(sr)

print(decision[decision > threshold].apply(foo))

which seems to work, but not sure yet!

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