Git log shows strange author name

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In git log I can see the following:

Author: = <=>

Gilab shows correct name (the same as set with git config --local

How to fix that behaviour?

P.S. Git 2.19.1 (Win x64)


When I tried to reset name hierarchy in system/global/local configs of repo it says:

Saving config failed (key: "", value: "=").
libgit2 returned: cannot delete multivar with a single delete

Looks like some git bug.

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I can only guess here that <=> is the actual author recorded in the commit, and that Gitlab is someone interpreting this as something else.

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The author is the person who originally wrote the code. The committer, on the other hand, is assumed to be the person who committed the code on behalf of the original author. This is important in Git because Git allows you to rewrite history, or apply patches on behalf of another person.

Try using:

git commit --author="John Doe <>"

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