Get count of relations from eloquent collection

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I have Call model. Each call has Theme. How i did this:

class Call extends Model
    // some code here

    public function theme()
        return $this->hasOne(Theme::class, 'id', 'theme_id')->withTrashed();

    // some code there

This works great. What i want to do is get count of each themes used in all calls.

There is 200 calls for example. 100 of them has theme_id=3, 50 of them has 6, and last 50 has 8. I want to get result like:

  {theme_id:3, themes_count=100},
  {theme_id:6, themes_count=50},
  {theme_id:8, themes_count=50},

How to do that?

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\DB::select("select theme_id, count(*) themes_count from calls group by theme_id");

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