Error when using SUMIFS from different worksheet

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I'm currently developing a workbook which is designed to store daily stock trading data. It has two worksheets, a main worksheet which lists each days stock trading activity, and a master sheet which is designed to show year to date, month to date and week to date trading revenue per client.

I've attached a screenshot of the master worksheet and main worksheet columns columns below:


main sheet

I'm trying to run a sumifs function on the master sheet which will draw data from the main data sheet. So for example if I want to know how much client A traded on a year to date basis for my master sheet I would select columns A (account name) and K (gross commission) from the data sheet as part of the sumifs function and include the client name as criteria. However, this formula continues to return a value of 0 on the master sheet which is incorrect. I've included the sumifs formula I'm using below, any help would be appreciated.


Cell A21 refers to the location of the client name within the first column of the master worksheet.

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Switch place for column K and A:


Syntax for SUMIFS:

SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], ...)


sum_range: range to sum (values you want to sum)

criteria_range1: first criteria range

criteria1: criteria to look/search for in your criteria range

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