echo variable returns blank

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Hi I am new to shell scripting and currently following tutorial on variables part 1. However, the script does not seem to echo the assigned value of the variable but a blank instead. Here is my script:

My_MESSAGE="Hello World"

I have seen similar questions and having trouble understanding the answers. Can someone kindly tell me how do I resolve this?

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Gladly, Linux/UNIX is case dependant. it should be echo $My_MESSAGE.

I have tried: "$MY_MESSAGE" as mentioned by others while googling but that too does not seem to work.

Oh i just noticed it thank you for informing me

There is no such thing as "Unix/Linux scripting", see e.g. the description of the "shell" tag that you applied. Since you are using a very specific shell, that should be included as tag, since each shell has its own syntax. Also, that syntax is independent from the OS underneath.

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You've spelt the variable wrong. Variables are case sensitive:

MY_MESSAGE="Hello World"

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