Django and AWS elasticbeanstalk; EB CLI doesn't require to input any credentials

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I didn't use elasticbeanstalk in a while and the documentation changed since the last time I used. I'm trying to deploy my app into AWS eb. And I was following the tutorial on official site.

But EB CLI doesn't require me to input any credentials. So even though I can see the environment details on my EB CLI, I cannot see it on my AWS console. And my site link doesn't work.

How can I configure the app for my AWS console? I thought in previous way, when I did eb init EB CLI requires me to input credentials but this time it requires to choose just the region.

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Check the file .aws/credentials in your home directory. If you are on mac or linux, just open a terminal and run cat $HOME/.aws/credentials you should see your credentials stored. The command eb use aws you can read how configure it here:

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