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As part of a project I am working on, I am developing a rather long report that is to be printed out by the user at the end of a process. The report, when printed, ranges from 10-20 pages long. In Report Builder, I have the sections of the report separated in rectangles. This works fine, unless I need to adjust the spacing between the rectangles. Then, I have to adjust any rectangles below the one I changed as well.

In SAP Crystal Reports 2012, you can use Details sections to handle this. I would place each rectangle in a Details section, then I could easily resize that section and everything else would automatically adjust.

Is there any way to replicate this behavior in SSRS? It's important to note that I have page breaks and other formatting settings set on the rectangles. It's very time consuming to manually adjust these rectangles to maintain my formatting.

EDIT: In essence, is there a way to split the report body into multiple sections like you can in Crystal Reports?

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I don't think that is doable in SSRS. To my knowledge, you only really have one option.

You can create a single column table or list and put each rectangle in a row of the table. Then, you can resize the rows as needed and the rest of the table will automatically adjust. I don't know if this will work with page breaks though.

You'll also have to set a dataset for the list, which may affect any tables or other databound controls that are in the report.

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