create a dictionary from a text file, which contains a key and a set made from multiple properties

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The text file contains the names of cheeses and its properties. The number of properties is not the same for each cheese. An end result is a dictionary with the names of each cheese being a key and its properties being the set linked to that key.

Is there a different way than manually copying each set of properties into a set and assigning the correct key?

champignon de luxe garlic,soft,soft-ripened,garlicky,herbaceous,herbal,spicy,cream,creamy,natural
bleu dauvergne,semi-soft,artisan,buttery,creamy,grassy,herbaceous,salty,spicy,tangy,strong,ivory,creamy and smooth,bloomy

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import csv

with open(filename) as cheeses:
    cheese_rows = csv.reader(cheeses)
    d = {cheese_row[0]: set(cheese_row[1:]) for row in cheese_rows}

This will create a dictionary with keys of the first value in each row in the file, and values of a set of the rest of values in the row.

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