Convert literal backslash followed by a character to the corresponding escape sequence

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I have an incoming string that contains a literal backslash followed by n, "\\n". How can I interpret this is a newline, "\n"? Similarly for "\\t" ? "\t". I want to interpret a literal backslash followed by a character as the corresponding escape sequence.

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does this work .replace("\\n", "\n")?

Is there a way to do this without specifying every possible escape sequence?

That's a syntax error since "\" is an unclosed string; the backslash prevents the string from being closed.

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If you don't want to write out every single replacement, one ugly possibility would be to use eval to interpret the \ followed by the escaped character as a string:

const input = String.raw`foo\nbar\tbaz`;
console.log(input.replace(/\\(.)/g, (_, char) => eval('"\\' + char + '"')));

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Another option - leverage JSON module:

const s = 'foo\\nbar\\tbaz';
console.log(JSON.parse('["' + s + '"]')[0]);

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