Confusion about the spring beans with the same type and different parameter as the parameter of another function

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To customize LettuceConnectionFactory, I have created the two functions, which have same return type and different parameters, one is single node config, other is cluster config. The code as follows:

public class RedisConfig {

    @Bean(name = "singleFactory")
    public LettuceConnectionFactory createSingleFactory(RedisSingleConfig redisSingleConfig){...}

    @Bean(name = "clusterFactory")
    public LettuceConnectionFactory createClusterFactory(RedisClusterConfig redisClusterConfig){...}


when they are called, the return value(LettuceConnectionFactory) is a parameter of another function. The code as follows:

private RedisActivityClusterConfig testConfig;

private RedisItemConfig redisItemConfig;

private RedisConfig redisConfig;

private StringRedisTemplate redisTemplate;

public void test(){
    ValueOperations<String, String> valueOperations = redisTemplate.opsForValue();

But in the way, spring will report No qualifying bean of type '' available: expected single matching bean but found 2: singleFactory,clusterFactory

springboot: 2.1.0.release


Sincerely ask for some solutions. Thanks

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Since you are manually creating & setting the LettuceConnectionFactory into redisTemplate you don't need to mark them as beans, even with different names, they are conflicting the native autowiring that is being done I guess, since they are of type RedisConnectionFactory. Just making these methods pure LettuceConnectionFactory constructors would suffice.

public class RedisFactoryFactory {

    public static LettuceConnectionFactory createSingleFactory(RedisSingleConfig redisSingleConfig){...}

    public static LettuceConnectionFactory createClusterFactory(RedisClusterConfig redisClusterConfig){...}

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