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I have a pandas dataframe on which I did a groupby and value_counts:

df4.groupby(['City'])['User Type'].value_counts()

This gives me following output:

City  User Type 
C     Subscriber    238889
      Customer       61110
      Dependent          1
N     Subscriber    269149
      Customer       30159
W     Subscriber    220786
      Customer       79214

Now I did df6=df5.unstack(level=1).reset_index()

this returned a df like shown below:

enter image description here

Now i did df6.set_index('City',inplace=True)

This produces output:

enter image description here

I am unable to understand why city is shown under "User Type" and is there a way to remove "User Type" index name

After doing:

df6=df5.unstack(level=1).reset_index().rename_axis(None, axis=1)

and then doing : df6.set_index('City',inplace=True)

it still shows city on different level:

enter image description here

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It create with second level name of MultiIndex column name of final DataFrame.

For remove need rename_axis:

df6 = df5.unstack(level=1).reset_index().rename_axis(None, axis=1)

Or set None for

df6 = df5.unstack(level=1).reset_index() = None

print (df6)
  City  Customer  Dependent  Subscriber
0    C   61110.0        1.0    238889.0
1    N   30159.0        NaN    269149.0
2    W   79214.0        NaN    220786.0

df6 = df5.unstack(level=1)
print (df6)
User Type  Customer  Dependent  Subscriber
C           61110.0        1.0    238889.0
N           30159.0        NaN    269149.0
W           79214.0        NaN    220786.0

print (
User Type

print (

And for removing both index name (City) and columns name (User Type) use :

df6 = df5.unstack(level=1) = None = None

print (df6)

   Customer  Dependent  Subscriber
C   61110.0        1.0    238889.0
N   30159.0        NaN    269149.0
W   79214.0        NaN    220786.0

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Use del, basically you need to remove the name of the columns index which happens to get the User Type name when you do unstacking.

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