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I have a feature of uploading images. There is a gallery of images and I need to update the gallery on adding new photos. The photo upload is success, but, the UI is not getting updated with the newly added photo.

I am using entitydb for storing the list locally.

My controller method is below:

:post-art (pipeline! [value app-db] 
                  (when value
                    (pipeline! [value app-db]
                      (post-art-photo app-db value)
                      (let [res (:createArtPicture value)]
                        (pp/commit! (edb/append-collection app-db :artPicture :list [(assoc res :art {:id (:artId res)})])) 
                        (pp/commit! (assoc-in app-db [:kv :art-pictures-list] (edb/get-collection app-db :artPicture :list)))
                        (pp/commit! (assoc-in app-db [:kv :temp-photo] nil))
                        (navigate-go! {:key "art-single" :id (:artId res)}))
                      (rescue! [error]

entitydb schema is:

(def edb-schema
  {:art         {:id        :id
                 :relations {:photos     [:many :asset]
                             :authors    [:many :author]
                             :campus     [:one :campus]
                             :thumbnail  [:one :asset]
                             :categories [:many :artCategory]}}
   :author      {:id        :id 
                 :relations {:avatar [:one :asset]
                             :arts   [:many :art]}}
   :campus      {:id        :id
                 :relations {:arts  [:many :art]
                             :photo [:one :asset]}}
   :artCategory {:id        :id
                 :relations {:icon [:one :asset]
                             :arts [:many :art]}}
   :artList     {:id        :id
                 :relations {:user [:one :user]
                             :state [:many :art]}}
   :artPicture {:id        :id
                :relations {:user [:one :user]
                            :art [:one :art]}
                :middleware {:set [(fn [a]
                                      (assoc a :art {:id (:artId a)}))]}}
   :comment     {:id        :id
                 :relations {:user [:one :user]
                             :art [:one :art]}
                 :middleware {:set [(fn [a]
                                       (assoc a :art {:id (:artId a)}))]}}
   :favorite    {:id        :id
                 :relations {:user [:one :user]}}
   :game        {:id        :id
                 :relations {:user [:one :user]}}
   :user        {:id        :id
                 :relations {:artLists    [:many :artList]
                             :artPictures [:many :artPicture]
                             :comments    [:many :comment]
                             :favorites   [:many :favorite]
                             :games       [:many :game]}}
   :asset       {:id :id}})

The issue is with 'artPicture'. The 'comment' also have the same feature. But, that is working fine. Anyone, please help?

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Try to use kebab-case instead of camelCase. It is 100% way in Clojure world

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