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good afternoon. I am trying to change the video source of my video player MediaElement.Js when the user click on a div with a img, Example:

<a href="http://dns:port/hls/125.m3u8"><div id="change_channel><img src=""></div></a>

I found some answers of other users that wanted to change the source of the html5 video but only with two stream. The problem that i have it is that i have +400 streams and the code line of the answers of the other users are not working any more...

I tried to run this code but it did not work:

<a href="http://dns:port/live/123.m3u8" onclick="
  return false
"><div id="change_channel><img src=""></div></a>

I will leave the complete code in codepen to debug it easier than downloading all the files to run MediaElement.js. If someone knows how to fix this, i will be thankful. Regards, DiX

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Well first, of course the given code won't work since playerObject is not referring to anything, and if it was meant to refer to the <video> element then the line; is invalid since there is no such property on the Audio/Video DOM element. At least initialize it somewhere (give and id to your <video> tag and then do playerObject = document.getElementById(<the id of your video element>); somewhere.

As for he amount of videos, since you tagged php, just create a generic javascript function which takes the source and sets it to the player, and when generating the page, just put the correct source in each click handler.

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