Can plugins read your cookies?

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For example, if a website stores your username and passwords in cookies when you select the "keep me sign in" option, can plugins read the cookies when you access the website?

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Browser plugins like EditThisCookie can read cookies from the website you're visiting. Cookies are basically small text files containing a small amount of information, for example preferences, session cookies and such.

Let's take a look into the source from the plugin i've mentioned in my answer. The source contains a lot of code to get all cookies and match the URL with the specific cookie. Also I found this in the source: chrome.cookies.getAll(). This function can read all the cookies stored in your browser.

Take a look at the snippet i've copied from the source:

chrome.cookies.getAll({}, function(cookieL) {
    for (var x = 0; x < cookieL.length; x++) {
        var cCookie = cookieL[x];
        if (filterMatchesCookie(filterURL,, cCookie.domain, cCookie.value)) {
            var cUrl = ( ? "https://" : "http://" + cCookie.domain + cCookie.path;
            deleteCookie(cUrl,, cCookie.storeId, cCookie)

So to answer your question: yes, plugins can read your cookies.

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