Can I use something like deployments slots with Azure Storage Static Website?

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I tried the Static website feature for Blob Storage in Azure and it is great!! Just copied my SPA static files (js, html, css, ...) and everything worked. Now to my question: how can I update the files and make sure that they are consistent?

With App Services I could use deployment slots and swap them when they are ready. If I just copy a new version the clients could get an inconsistent version (some files from the older one, some others from the new one).

This would be a huge problem for my .js files. Can I use something like a transaction that will make my files visible just when all of them were copied?

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Consider creating another Storage Account that represents a staging environment and use Azure Traffic Manager to implement a swap.

This will also allow you to perform a blue-green deployment where you can send only a few user (lets say 1%) to your new deployment...

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