Can I call functions and variables from an object's parent class without casting the object's type explicitly?

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I want to go through a list of different objects that all derive from sub-classes of the same parent class and i only want to use stuff from the parent class anyways.

public class Foo{ public int a=0; }
public class Bar : foo{  }
public class Gun : foo{  }
public class Shotgun : Gun{  }
public class Rifle : Gun{  }

then what i would want to do later on:

object[] Array ={new Bar(),new Shotgun(),new Rifle()};
int index=0;
foreach(SubclassOfFoo obj in (Array as SubclassOfFoo[]))
    (Array[index] as SubclassOfFoo).a++;


Hopefully there's some way to do this.

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I would create a collection for base class Foo instead of object

List<Foo> array = new List<Foo>();
array.Add(new Bar());
array.Add(new Shotgun());
array.Add(new Rifle());

then you can use the collection directly without casting.

foreach(Foo obj in array)

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I would suggest to declare the array of the parent type:

Foo[] Array =new Foo{new Bar(),new Shotgun(),new Rifle()};

This way there is no casting required:

foreach(Foo obj in Array))

Since all subclasses inherit from Foo or from a child of Foo, this array can hold all children and grandchildren. Every subclass will have the property a. No casting is required

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