Can't store Object in HashMap

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I'm trying to create a SecureDataContainer with HashMap so defined: HashMap: ()>
Where KeyCouple is a class defined by me which contains the couple to access to the Vector associated to that couple. Now when i create a couple of HashMap in this method

private Map<KeyCouple,Vector<E>> DBUsers;

public void createUser(String Id, String passw) throws 
     UserAlreadyPresent {
     if(Id.isEmpty() || passw.isEmpty()) throw new IllegalArgumentException();
     if(existsUser(Id)) throw new UserAlreadyPresent(Id);

     KeyCouple u = new KeyCouple(Id, passw);
     DBUsers.put(u, new Vector<>());

Now, in main class, I Run the following code:

private static void testContainer(SecureDataContainer<String> container){
    try {
    } catch (UserAlreadyPresent e) {
            System.out.println("User already present");

To create the user "Name" with the Password "pwd". But When i put something in the Vector associated to the couple created using my "put" method:

public boolean put(String Owner, String passw, E data) throws NoUserException {
    if(Owner == null || passw == null || data == null) throw new NullPointerException();
    if(Owner.isEmpty() || passw.isEmpty()) throw new IllegalArgumentException();

    KeyCouple user = new KeyCouple(Owner,passw);
        Vector<E> aux = DBUsers.get(user);
        return aux.add(data);
        throw new NoUserException("No user");

In main class, I call the method:

    try {
        container.put("Name", "pwd", someData of type E);
    } catch (NoUserException e){
        abort("no user");

and it abort in every case, going even in the catch branch and printing "no user".

What does this means?

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Try to override equals and hashcode for you KeyCouple class.

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Your passwords are different. You created it with Pwd, and in your main class you use pwd

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