Can't bind since it isn't a known property of angular component

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I am trying to conditionally set a classname based on a boolean variable. I have set the variable within the parent component:

  public alteredSidebar: boolean;

And this is my though process behind conditionally defining which class it is:

  <div [class]="alteredSidebar == false ? 'secondsidenav' : 'sidenav'" id="rollup-sidenav" [ngClass]="{ 'greyout': greyOut }"></div>

Here is an instance of where I am using it and I am expecting the class to be set to 'secondsidenav':

<app-rollup [data]="rollupData" (resetCalled)="onRollupReset()" (entrySelected)="onRollupSelectEvent($event)" [alteredSidebar]="false">

However I am getting the following error: "Can't bind to 'alteredSidebar' since it isn't a known property of 'app-rollup'."

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use @Input() decorator on it

public alteredSidebar: boolean;

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