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i want to calculate running total in the column of invested condition is if buy_indicator==BUY and sell_indicator==HOLD then my invested money value should be negative of close_price*100 where 100 is volume of shares which is constant.....else if buy_indicator==HOLD and sell_indicator==SELL then my invested money value should be positive of close_price*100......else buy_indicator==HOLD and sell_indicator==HOLD then it should contain the previous row value....

my dataset looks like this

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please provide reproducible examples

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You can use ifelse to generate the columns with +1 or -1, that you can then multiply by 100*close prices. example:

positiveorneg <- ifelse(buy_indicator==BUY&sell_indicator==HOLD, -1, 1)
moneytoinvest <- positiveorneg*100*closeprice

You can then use cumsum to get the hopefully positively trended line of your money.

mymoney <- cumsum(moneytoinvest)

Don't spend it all in one place.

EDIT: if you have more than one condition you can embed ifelse statements:

ifelse(buy_indicator==BUY&sell_indicator==HOLD, -1, ifelse(buy_indicator==HOLD&sell_indicator==SELL, 1, 0))

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