Breaking up dictionary string into multiple variables in R

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I was given a data set where the values in a particular variables look like...

{"varname": "value", "varname2": "value2", "varname3": "value3"}

and I want a quick efficient way to break this up into 3 separate variables where the var name is the column name and the values are its corresponding vector. It has to be in R otherwise pythons dictionary functionality would tackle this easily. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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You have a simple json:

str <- '{"varname": "value", "varname2": "value2", "varname3": "value3"}'
json_data <- fromJSON(str)

The output is:

[1] "value"

[1] "value2"

[1] "value3"

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You can use fromJSON() function from the jsonlite package to parse Python dictionary into R list then convert it to a data frame with After that you can access each variable using r_df$...

py_dict <- '{"varname": "value", "varname2": "value2", "varname3": "value3"}'
r_list <- jsonlite::fromJSON(txt = py_dict)
r_df <-

#>   varname varname2 varname3
#> 1   value   value2   value3

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