any idea why this jquery on click isn't working?

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i'm trying to click a class with jquery in wordpress. Here is my code

import $ from 'jquery';

class Scroller{
    $(".load-more").on("click", this.test_func.bind(this));


when i run this code the alert for hi shows up, but then when i click .load-more nothing happens.

I know jquery is set up because when i run this js file (targetting the same class) instead, it works:

jQuery(document).ready( function($){

$(document).on('click','.load-more:not(.loading)', function(){

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Maybe the input is not rendered the moment you try to add the handler. Try using this syntax to add you test_func click handler:

$(document).on('click','.load-more', this.test_func.bind(this));

If your element is dynamically added then the above is the only way the handler will be added properly to the click event due to Event Delegation. Read more here.

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