Allowed duplicate record if data not exist in different column

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I have 2 column name location_id and district_id. location_id record can be duplicated if existing location_id and district_id record does not match. The table below will explain it.

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Notice the duplicate record of location_id and district_id. This table has valid data.

How can I UPDATE with mysql while preventing duplicate. With below syntax, my table can be updated even if B008 and 01010244 already exist.

    `location_id`, district_id 
      `location_id` = 'B008',
      `district_id ` = 0101031504
    WHERE `id` = 5

My second query above will update even though existing record with similar data already existed.

Please assist and thanks in advance.

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You can solve this problem structurally, by adding a Composite Unique constraint on the location_id and district_id together. This will block any new DML operations trying to create duplicate rows for the combination.

ALTER TABLE your_table_name 
ADD UNIQUE `unique_location_district` (`location_id`, `district_id`)

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