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Arrofi Reza Satria 2 weeks ago

The devide of NaN plus number does not result the NaN value

Im using Double.isNaN() to detect NaN value. `

    Double nan  = Double.NaN;
    Double num  = 1.5;
    Double num2 = 4.5;

    Double result = (nan+num)/num2;

    System.out.println(result);// the result is NaN

        System.out.println("not NaN");//true`

Is there any other way to detect NaN value?


Mureinik 2 weeks ago

Your condition doesn't correspond to your output - you check if the result is in fact a NaN, but then print that it isn't. Either check that it isn't:

if (!Double.isNaN(result))
    System.out.println("not NaN"); // This won't be reached in your case

Or print that it is:

if (Double.isNaN(result))

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