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pee2pee January 2017

C: IF statement not firing when expected

I have the following function. The executable runs fine. At the prompt, after the program is run, I enter \x0037337331, the value of B is set as B: 0x31333337

Any advice on how I'd trigger to open log.txt

int play() {

    int a;
    int b;
    char buffer[010];
    a = 0x41414141;
    b = 0x42424242;

    if (write(STDOUT_FILENO, "For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.\n> ", 91) < 0) {

    if (read(STDIN_FILENO, &buffer, 0xC) < 0) {                                              

    if (a == 31337) {

    else if (b == 1337) {

    else {
        printf("B: 0x%08x\n", b);



Ed Heal January 2017

You have two mistakes:


char buffer[010]; // This is octal i.e. 8!

should be

char buffer[0xc]; 


read(STDIN_FILENO, &buffer, 0xC)

should be

read(STDIN_FILENO, buffer, 0xC)

As you need the pointer to the start of the buffer.


Also you need to add the null character to buffer before system.

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