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Raras Sanji January 2017

javascript language with node, npm, bowe, corejs, babel, what is that? i am newbie

Hello i am new to programming. i learn html and javascript for beginner. Then i try to level up and get trouble in javascript. i learn from old software (3000javascript source) then learned jquery plus ajax.

a time ago, people instruct :

"please add <script src="myscript.js"></script> before <body> tag"


"install it with npm install mypackage"

in npm site and developer site, no instruction to add script js to html code.

then i found sweep.js http://rileyjshaw.com/sweep, developer not only serving "npm install sweep", but he/she serving direct link to sweep.js to use in html code.

Another trouble, i try to open sweep.js and read "mixed" code. then i know "Asynchronous" and "Synchronous" code.

all this time, i learn javascript with sync code and i understand it. i can read code, explain prosedure, etc. But now, with async, plus nodejs, npm, babel etc i hard to understand code. All code seen like same with jquery. variable name, function name all use alphabet not english word. oke its can be rename but about structure....

require = function a(b, c, d) {
    function e(g, h) {
code here
  1: [function(a, b, c)
    (function(a, d)
      code here
      function again
      function again
            "./stringhere": 20,
            "./whatisit": 41
    after coma above, number two, number three, and more

even there are main code i can understand it starting with numbering first and function like above.

what is that? is it can be change to "trtadisional/old" js? or i am to fool and the best for me is quit from programming?


FreedomPride January 2017

To your question : what is that? is it can be change to "trtadisional/old" js? or i am to fool and the best for me is quit from programming?

You're not a fool for being curious. There's two things you need to understand. The installation that you've done on your repositories / environment is known as bundle.

This is just actually a standalone library <script src="myscript.js"></script>

The motive is just to inherit from the sources itself via online, environment, and etc.

Traditional JS is a MUST to know because how are you going to code the logics?

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