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Paras Sidhu January 2017

How to implement this simple feature in my android app?

I'm just above beginner android developer. I have been developing an android app for educational purposes. Mostly I have worked on static things for now like nothing cloud or server related things.

So now I want to implement a new feature in my app called "Notices". It will fetch (from somewhere online) a number of Strings (for example, "Datesheet 2017" and "Announcement Regarding...") and a number of other Strings which will contain a PDF link. To show this I can use Recycler View.

I know:

  • How to show and handle onClick for static or predefined things in RecyclerView

I don't know:

  • Where to store such data (maybe Firebase or Google cloud) and how to fetch it?

I know I need a backend server for this but which is the best free one Firebase, Google cloud or what? Also if we can store few number of strings which are two separate, one title and other link of PDF as explained earlier in two different arrays? like one array title[] and other link[] so that showing it to user after it seems like handling static or predefined data which I'm used to.

Please post a detailed answer.


Sadiq Md Asif January 2017

JSONPlaceholder is a free online REST service that you can use whenever you need some fake data.

It's great for tutorials, faking a server, sharing code examples, ...

Create Rest Api and fetch from there


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