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shalvah January 2017

Regex - Why does the question mark behave like this?

I'm learning regex. When I match this:


on this

30-01-2003 15:20

I get 3 matches: 0-0, 1-2, 3 5, and 5:2. When I try adding a question mark at the end of the regex (\d[^\w]\d?), my matches don't change. When I move the question mark to after the square bracket (\d[^\w]?\d), the matches are now 30, 01, 20, 03, 15, and 20. When I move the question mark to before the square bracket (\d?[^\w]\d), my matches are the same as in the first case.

Why is this? I know the ? operator marks the preceding character as optional, so I expected the behaviour in the second case, but not in the first or third.


Edulynch January 2017

U just need


it will match all numbers

Original Text:

30-01-2003 15:20




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