Rvfvl 5 days ago

F# entry point taking integers as parameters

I have simple problem with using entry points in F#. How can I take integers as a entry point parameters. So far it only works with strings, but I am trying to define entry point which will take 2 integers and perform algorithm and then print the results in the console.

open System

let rec Algorithm x y =
    if y = 0 then x
    else Algorithm y (x % y)

Algorithm 270 192 |> ignore;;

let main args = 
    Console.WriteLine("Result is: {0}",(Algorithm args.[0] args.[1]))
    Console.ReadKey() |> ignore
    0 // return an integer exit code

I can't run it because I am receiving error message for args.[0] and args.[1].

This expression was expected to have type int but here has type string.


Mark Pattison 5 days ago

The arguments can only be strings. You can convert them to ints yourself, of course.

The entry point function has type string array -> int

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