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user7386622 January 2017

Why my webpage is loading very slowly

I had created a webpage using HTML,CSS,jquery and a bit of JavaScript but the problem is that it loads very slowly. Here is the link for the page https://the-zed.000webhostapp.com/Bikerz.html


Chris Happy January 2017

Try using a site optimization tests such as:

To gain information about the speed of your site.

LowMatic January 2017

There are many things a developer can do to improve loading speeds, your webpage loading speed is related both to the bandwidth provided by your hosting provider and the data downloaded by the user upon reaching the content on your website.

Your website provably loads slow because of the large image files such as the background image which is sized 366kb and some other images on that page.

The last thing to consider is the client's internet connection speed but it's not related to the work on your server and website.

Julius Athenstaedt January 2017

This is because your website was loaded over HTTPS, but want to load also an insecure stylesheet 'http://www.w3schools.com/lib/w3.css' wich must be served over HTTPS too. The blocking is responsible for long loading in my case.

Download the w3.css and place it on your server.

T. Bragg January 2017

Try using your command prompt or terminal if you are on mac, and type this in: ping http://www.yourwebsite.com

Portal_Zii January 2017

Try burning the site alive since its puke worthy.

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